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Crosswalk: The Erlang Pickaxe

Mark Mzyk | January 16, 2008

I picked up Programming Erlang the other day. Kevin has talked me into learning it (along with about three other languages). I’ve only just begun to digest the book, but, seeing as it’s a Pragmatic Programmer’s title, it caused me to reflect on on the Pickaxe. Pickaxe is the Prag Prog book on Ruby that is considered so special it gets a one word name, based on the image on it’s cover.

Well, if Ruby is allowed to do it, why not Erlang? Besides, if you’re going to program Erlang, the pickings for a book to read are slim. Programming Erlang is about your one and only choice (but my understanding is it’s a good one).

The cover image, which I have borrowed from the Pragmmatic Programmer’s website:

Programming Erlang Cover

Well, that doesn’t give us much to work with, does it.

Hence forth, I dub thee: Crosswalk

It doesn’t have the same ring as Pickaxe, but it might catch on. Programming Erlang: Crosswalk.