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In The Wild: A Google Of One

Mark Mzyk | February 25, 2008

Earlier I wrote a post on how it is now possible for a single person to have the power of Google because of all the technologies available.

Well, the NYTimes went out and implemented the idea before the ink was even dry on my post.  They’ve now proven it is possible, and their post makes it sound like it was all done by a single person.

Of course, the link to the service is down as I write this, but it’s still an amazing feat.

Of course, the other aspect of this is what opportunities are presented by having the NYTimes’ archive back to 1851 online?  What kind of applications can be developed with this wealth of information?  Maybe an interesting way of teaching history can be created using the archive?  Perhaps the archive could be searched for lost articles that in some way ring similar to events of today, to show if, in fact, history is repeating itself?  There are tons of possibilities.

And it should be noted all the articles in the archive are also in the public domain.

Thanks to boing boing for originally bringing this to my attention.