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Mark Mzyk | March 3, 2008

You’ll have to excuse the lack of any good posts over the last few days.  I just picked up a new MacBook and I’m now having to transition to it after having lived in a Windows world most of my life. I’ve had some exposure to Linux, so not all of my experience is with Windows. My Linux knowledge has greatly improved over the last few months thanks to work, so much so that my next machine is going to be a small Linux box.  I still plan to run Windows in a VM, but my current Windows machine will probably be the last stand alone Windows box I have, unless Microsoft ever presents me with a compelling reason to switch back.

I’m sure you can understand my current situation.  It takes time to get over the awe of a new machine and start back to work, although I don’t plan on becoming a Mac fanboy, at least if I can help it.