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West Coast Bias

Mark Mzyk | April 9, 2008

I admit, that like many bloggers, I am stat obsessed.  I like to think I matter in the technology sector, even just a tiny bit, even though, at least at the moment, I really don’t.  Still, I hope you’re getting some value out of my blog.  You must be, or you wouldn’t be reading it.

One thing that has interested me about my stats is the West Coast bias it shows in my readers.  That would be the West Coast of the United States, for any one reading this who resides outside the United States.  Since I live on the East Coast, I had (wrongly) assumed that would be where my readership mostly originated from.  There’s my bias for where I happen to live showing through.

On that note, here is a chart showing the West Cost bias, caused, I assume, by the presence of Silicon Valley:

March Traffic

Note that the numbers across the bottom are the hours of the day in Pacific Standard Time (my hosting provider, Laughing Squid, is based out of San Francisco). So you can clearly see that at 7 and 8 pm PST my readership spikes.  The number in the upper left hand side of the chart, 2684, denotes the height of the highest bar, in this case, hits.  So the most hits I received for any one aggregate hour during March was 2684.  Note that this is not the same as uniques, so don’t go thinking I have 2684 people reading this blog.  Not even close.

If anything isn’t clear, or if you’d like to know more, just ask.  I can always expound further.