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Lulu.com Search Bar: A Bug Report

Mark Mzyk | April 29, 2008

Let it be a lesson to me never to blindly follow a spec from Mozilla again, without first testing it in Internet Explorer, because of course Mozilla and Microsoft don’t implement a specification the same way, even if it is one as simple as open search.

There was a bug with the Lulu.com search bar with IE where it would take you to the Lulu search page, but fail to actually run your search.  That has now been fixed.

I’ve verified the search bar works with:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Firefox 3 Beta 5

Leave a note in the comments if you’ve verified it works with any other browsers or if you find a bug.

You can install the search bar by going here: http://www.programmersparadox.com/lulusearchbar.html