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Reading Levels

Mark Mzyk | December 21, 2008

In elementary school, the question asked of every child is what level are they reading at?  Is it a third grade level? Sixth? Ninth?

This concept even appears in Presidential politics, as linguists analyze what level the candidates are speaking at: it is a middle school level, or a high school level?

In almost every other aspect of life, the concept of levels is forgotten, or at the very least hidden.  In popular culture there even seems to be a move to shun the idea of levels and instead reduce everything to a common denominator.

The only way to improve is to stretch your mind, to reach beyond your current skill.  To read at the next level.

To this end, I recommend reading Reg Braithwaite.  Most of the time I don’t fully understand what he’s writing about.  However, over time I’ve come to understand more and more.  As he mentions various concepts and ideas, I’ve read up on those and my knowledge of Ruby, programming, and math has become stronger, and I’ve become the better for it.

His Old Blog: Raganwald
His current endeavor: Homoiconic

Note that Reg Braithwaite’s pen name is Raganwald.

Homoiconic is written using github, which is normally used for code source control, but has been co-opted by Reg as a means of writing about code using the tools of code.  It’s novel and it works well.

Happy Reading.