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Mark Mzyk | January 4, 2009

Looking back over this holiday season, I’ve accomplished a lot.

I’ve spent time with family.

I’ve recharged myself.

I’ve read, a lot.

But there are several things I didn’t accomplish.

I didn’t write.

I didn’t code.

This is an ongoing problem.  I procrastinate and the two things I feel I should make progress on, I don’t.

Some programmers code at the expense of all else.  I’m not one of them.  There is always something else that needs to be done, some other task to complete before I can free my mind and get in the mood to write or to code.  I procrastinate by completing something else.

One way that I procrastinate a is by reading technical blogs.  There’s always a new bit of information I don’t know and that is worth reading.  I could spend the rest of my life reading and be perfectly happy.

But reading isn’t producing.  I’m not adding to the world.  I’m not advancing my skills through practice.

So my resolution is to be more impulsive.  To write and code without the world around me being perfect.  The world isn’t going to wait for me.  I should stop waiting for it.

We’ll see over the next year how successful I am.

What resolutions do you have?