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Resume Tip Roundup

Mark Mzyk | January 17, 2009

It’s been almost two years since I last updated my resume.  That’s too long.  The recommendation is that one should update their resume every six months, at least.  Since I haven’t kept my resume up-to-date, and given the current economic climate, now seems like a good time to get writing.

I’m going to post my old resume and then work through it section by section until it’s pristine once again.  The entire intent of a resume is to be a public document and writing a series of posts on updating it is the most public I know how to make it.

Before I get to updating it however, here are a set of links to various tips on writing a resume (or reworking it, as the case maybe).  The first part are tips from Rands and the second part are tips from Joel.  I respect both of them and I will be incorporating what they say into the new version of my resume.  The final link is some general resume writing tips I stumbled upon.  Some of the links are not directly about writing a resume, but they are all about searching for a job, and to that end they influence the resume you write.

If you have any suggestions about writing a resume, put them in the comments.  I might use them while updating my own.


A Glimpse and a Hook:  An overview of what Rands sees when he reads a resume.

A Brief Glimpse:  An examination of the resume’s objective section.

The Sanity Check:  Your resume has been read and you’ve landed a phone screen.  What do you do now?

The Business:  How much are you really worth to your company?  You should know.


Sorting Resumes:  What Joel looks for in a resume.

Getting Your Resume Read:  Mistakes to avoid on your resume.

Another Resume Tip:  Tailor your resume to the job, because every job is different.


Write a Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job:  General resume tips.