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Transparency Kills Apathy

Mark Mzyk | April 26, 2009

Transparency Kills Apathy

Clay Johnson

While Clay’s quote is in relation to government transparency, it applies to all aspects of life, including business.  So often in business, management hides information from employees, when doing the opposite would be better.

Transparency allows everyone to see the inner workings and to invest themselves in the process.  It makes all motivations clear and allows workers to motivate themselves.  It fosters trust, not mistrust.

Is there a chance that being transparent might hurt?  Sure, if you’re being unfair.  Transparency might drive those away who don’t agree with you, but it will attract those who do.  Transparency will strengthen the team and morale.  Transparency will improve the final product.

Hiding information is easy.  Openning up is more difficult, but brings with it more rewards.

As Clay said, transparency kills apathy.