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Hypothetical Tools to Further NADD

Mark Mzyk | May 31, 2009

Two ideas that would be helpful to have and would enable me to further enhance my NADD:

A screen in a screen feature for the browser.  This might already exist, and I just don’t know about it.  With this I could run a presentation down in the corner, watching it out of the corner of my eye. I could pay attention as I wanted to, while doing whatever else I wanted.  Duel screens solve this problem, but while I tend to have my laptop with me, I don’t usually carry an extra monitor.  Once rollup monitors are invented, that will solve this, but until then, window within a window would be nice.

For online presentations, why isn’t there a real time stream of comments that flow next to the presentation?  It would be a two column layout: presentation in one column, comments in the other.  The comments could function like a chat room, or they could be more Twitter like, it doesn’t really matter.  It would awesome to see what people think about the presentation as I watch, with the ability to respond and add my own comments.  Thought doesn’t stop once the people at the conference leave the talk.

If you want to take this concept a step further: give users the ability to add comments that show up at specific points during the talk.  If at the five minute mark the presenter is talking about compilers, let me see all the comments that people linked to that point in time.  All of these comments will likley be on the topic of compilers.  With this ability, the discussions around presentations would improve greatly.