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Career 2.0

Mark Mzyk | June 7, 2009

Career 2.0 is a book that was published earlier this year by Jared Richardson with Matthew Bass.  They also have an associated blog for the book.  The reason I’m mentioning Career 2.0 is because it’s a book I believe most software developers need to read.

Why?  The focus of the book is on writing and public speaking to further one’s career.  It’s relevant advice that will help every software developer improve in their career, for the simple reason that any one who can communicate well has a leg up on most of the population.

The best part of Career 2.0 isn’t the main part of the book, but one of the appendices.  It’s called “A Rogue’s Gallery”.  It is a collection of stories by various people in software development telling how they got to where they are today.  It’s a wealth of advice and insight that if expanded could make a book of its own.

Career 2.0 is a nice compliment to go with Chad Fowler’s just re-released book The Passionate Programmer (I read the first edition, the poorly named My Job Went To India).  Chad touches on topics such as how to develop your skills and market yourself.  Couple technical skills with being able to write and speak and you’ll find yourself in constant demand.  It’s the reason neither Chad nor Jared worry about looking for work.  You should listen to these guys.

As a bonus, also check out Derek Sivers’ (of CD Baby fame) ebook: How To Call Attention To Your Music.  It’s written with musicians in mind, but the advice is useful in general.  It tells you how to call attention to and promote yourself.

I hope you find all of these as insightful and helpful as I have.

Disclaimer: I was a reviewer for Career 2.0 and I am quoted in the book, but I receive no money from sales of the book.  Career 2.0 is printed using Lulu.com, my employer, so in that regard if you do purchase a copy you are helping to pay my salary.