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Mark Mzyk | July 25, 2009

If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, then everything looks as it always has.  If you’re reading this in a browser, then there are differences.

Three things have changed:

  • The text is larger.
  • The width is no longer fixed.
  • There are no longer categories listed in the sidebar.

I’m following Joshua Porter’s lead in making the text bigger.  The rational is that it makes content easier to read.

I discarded the fixed width because on larger monitors it wasted screen space.  While white space is good, too much is distracting.

The category links have disappeared because I doubted their usefulness.  I believe in making things as simple as they can be, while still being functional.  By removing categories, I’ve pulled a dial from the interface.  It’s still entirely possible to see all the content on this blog by either using the archives link or by searching.  Of course, I might be tempted to kill those next.  There is a small website called Google that’s pretty damn good at finding content.

Let me know how you feel.  Is the site now 100% better or have I just completely ruined your day?