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Thinking in Opposites

Mark Mzyk | January 1, 2010

There are times I go to write a blog post and a thought holds me up – I think I’ve read this before, but I know I didn’t write it.

I had planned to write a blog post on considering the opposite of whatever you’re doing – but Derek Sivers has already written it for me.  In fact, he’s produced the message thrice, twice as a written post, the other as a talk.

Reversible business models

Japanese addresses: No street names. Block numbers.

Japanese Addresses: the opposite is also true

What made me want to sit down and write on this topic?  One was Derek Sivers.  After reading the first post he did on Japanese addresses, I’ve had the idea stuck in my head.  Then I came across a link to the Wikipedia article on Antiobjects and the idea struck me that this was a different way of programming (not an idea original to me).  What if instead of looking at the object as the fundamental building block, we looked at the space around the object?  From object oriented programming, this probably shakes out to become functional programming, but I’m not sure.

Consider: What in your world would change if you did the inversion of what you’re doing now?  What would programming with antiobjects look like?

In light of the new year: what if instead of a resolution to change something, you considered the things you wanted to keep the same?