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On Google

Mark Mzyk | March 23, 2010

Just like every other technology focused person on the planet, I’ve taken time to ponder Google’s immense success. I’ve predicted in the past that their rapid growth in numbers of employees would catch up with them. It’s hard to tell on the outside if Google’s size is having much effect, although they have shown some missteps, such as with Buzz. Their language Go I also find rather peculiar: why did they invent something new instead of improving what exists? I admit to not having looked at Go closely, so there maybe valid reasons.

Tim Bray has become one of the latest employees at Google and has shared his thoughts on starting there. He mentions growth, although he only skirts the issue in vague terms. I hope he says more on the issue in the future, because it would be insightful to see how Google is dealing with these issues internally. It would even be interesting to know what they perceive as the issues internally. I’ll be watching to see what else Tim he writes.