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Mark Mzyk | December 31, 2010

Christmas is a time of rediscovery. If you’re a Christian, it’s a chance to rediscover the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a chance to rediscover the joy (or hatred, perhaps) of family. It’s a chance to rediscover relaxing, with time off from work. It’s a chance to rediscover stress, while trying to find gifts and make everyone happy, at the same time keeping the check book balanced.

This holiday the break has given me a chance to rediscover myself: my love of programming, of reading, of writing, of exercising, of cooking, and of family.

I’ve had a chance to dig into Kevin Smith’s screencasts series on Erlang, which has resulted in me coming to understand the language and functional programming at a new level.

I’ve read a history of Abraham Lincoln’s role as commander in chief during the civil war.

I’ve written several blog posts, including this one.

I’ve begun to get back in shape, despite all the wonderful food I’ve had to eat.

I’ve read through several cook books, discovering new ideas for the future.

I’ve spent time with my family, finding the joy in each person’s personality and recognizing how we all care for one other.

Getting a way from work has enabled me to re-energize. It’s with this energy that I welcome 2011 and the opportunities it brings.