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Broken Windows

Mark Mzyk | May 16, 2011

Companies are always touting the next big thing. Their newest product revolutionizes the industry. It can’t be lived without.

Advertising in this way reveals how most companies function: always attempting to create something new. Companies want to continually build new products and add new features, even if these come at the expense of fixing or improving existing functionality.

Prioritizing in this way is akin to having a house with a broken window, but instead of fixing the broken window you build a new addition onto the house. While the addition adds tremendous value, it will always be brought down in value as long as the window remains broken. As soon as the window is fixed, the house and addition rise in value1.

Consider this: how many broken windows are there where you work2?

A step further: what can you do to repair them?

Broken Window / CC License

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