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Becoming A Chef

Mark Mzyk | November 7, 2011

It’s certainly true that you can’t guess the path your life will take. When I was a child I remember looking at my father, who was a career military man, and thinking that I’d go to college, graduate, find a good company to work for, and stay there the rest of my working life until I retired.

It turns out that in my fourth year out of college I am already working at my fourth job. I intend to stay at this one for a while. While I enjoyed my time at iContact and thank them for everything they did for me, on October 17th I started work for Opscode, the company behind Chef.

The Opscode team is an amazing group and I lept at the chance to go work for them. It’s a change to go from scaling email sending to infrastructure automation, but I’m excited at the challenge. It’s yet another interesting problem to vex me until I conquer it.

It’s time to further sharpen my skills and help companies Rule the Cloud.


Knives / CC License