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Where Are The Copy Designers?

Mark Mzyk October 3, 2009

The web is full of designers: visual designers, graphic designers, interaction designers, muppet designers.  I threw in muppet designers to see if you’re paying attention. Designers on the web are experiencing a bit of a revolution that is summed up in a few words: measure everything.  Led by the likes of Google, every click, every […]

Content, Design, and Tufte

Mark Mzyk September 9, 2009

In what now seems like an eternity ago, I saw Nathan Huening of Sprocket House give a talk at Refresh The Triangle back in July on Edward Tufte.  Nathan’s talk was his attempt to highlight Tufte’s main points about design. Looking back, I don’t remember all the points Nathan highlighted, however, at the time the […]

Surf with Javascript Off

Mark Mzyk December 10, 2008

I’m sure this has been said before, but I’m going to remind everyone: You should try browsing the web with Javascript turned off and observe how broken many things are.  If you run your own site, see how it responds. At the least, if your site can’t function without Javascript, put in a check to […]