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Learning Better Management By Sharing

Mark Mzyk February 5, 2019

I am starting an email newsletter to share my thoughts on software engineering management. It is titled Learning Better Management By Sharing. Please sign up if you’d like to receive my thoughts as soon as they are ready to go out. The newsletter will get updates first, but I’ll also post all the updates to […]

This Is Water

Mark Mzyk January 27, 2019

You likely recognize the title of this post. It is the name given to David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech that he gave to Kenyon College in 2005. You might have been exposed to Wallace’s words from this nine minute video that excerpts the speech. Even if you’ve seen this, you should listen to the full, […]

An Open Letter to Recruiters

Mark Mzyk February 26, 2013

Dear –, I’m sure you mean well in reaching out. I’m sure you’re just trying to do your job. However, a solicitation like this isn’t going to get me to change jobs. I believe I speak for all technical workers when I say that repeated solicitations like this wear on us. It’s not that you’ve […]