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Helpful Erlang Tidbits

Mark Mzyk January 17, 2011

I found this information useful while working my way through the Erlang in Practice screencasts. All of these apply in the interactive shell (erl). Find the Erlang version you’re running: erlang:system_info(otp_release). To clear a variable/binding, so it can be used again: f(variable_to_clear). Show all the running erlang processes: erlang:processes(). Find more useful tips from Joe (such […]

Language Design Philosophies

Mark Mzyk June 21, 2009

In a conversation with a coworker, we distilled several programming languages’ design philosophies down to a single sentence. Here’s what we came up with: Java: Protect the Developer From Themselves Ruby: Be the Developer’s Language Python: There is One True Way PHP: eh Do you agree? Disagree? What are the one sentence philosophies behind other […]

NPR on the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

Mark Mzyk April 12, 2009

A while back I wrote about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.  In a serendipitous coincidence, NPR ran a story recently that directly relates to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis: Shakespeare Had Roses All Wrong.  While the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis isn’t mentioned, it clearly is involved. The story touches on languages and how gender in languages affects thinking.  It is highlighted […]