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PHP Insanity IX

Mark Mzyk May 8, 2008

Recently, on Hacker News, this question was asked: What do hackers think of PHP? If you’re thinking about PHP, I suggest you read the comments.  You’ll notice there is a constant refrain: You can use PHP, but you had better have discipline. Sure, you can use PHP or any language, but of course you need […]

PHP Insanity VIII

Mark Mzyk May 1, 2008

If you’d rather not read what I have to say about today’s PHP Insanity, you can attempt to find it for yourself on the php.net error_log man page. In my daily work, I use the error_log function often.  It was shown to me by a coworker and I’ve found it handy ever since.  However, my […]

PHP Insanity VII

Mark Mzyk April 14, 2008

I discovered an interesting bit of insanity in PHP while at work the other day. Define a function in PHP and make sure it has at least one argument, but that argument should not have a default. So the function should be something like: public function foo( $bar ) Not: public function foo( $bar=fubar ) […]