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Mark Mzyk July 19, 2009

The idea for this post was originally going to be about business strategy.  It was going to revolve around this quote, that I found on the Contrast blog: The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. – Michael E. Porter It’s a good quote, but there’s a better one that cuts more to […]

The Color of Recklessness

Mark Mzyk May 30, 2009

Any business, from a micro-ISV to Google, has to balance moving quickly against moving  recklessly. Moving recklessly leads to forgettable and bad experiences.   Functionality may be made available more quickly, but at what cost?  The interaction and interface, as well as the communication around the feature, have to be at least adequately completed, or else […]

Transparency Kills Apathy

Mark Mzyk April 26, 2009

Transparency Kills Apathy – Clay Johnson While Clay’s quote is in relation to government transparency, it applies to all aspects of life, including business.  So often in business, management hides information from employees, when doing the opposite would be better. Transparency allows everyone to see the inner workings and to invest themselves in the process.  […]