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Management’s Fail Whale

Mark Mzyk September 21, 2008

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while, but it’s only just now that I’ve managed to get it down onto paper in more than just a series of bullet points. Management and Twitter face the same scaling problems. This thought is directly related to agile practices.  We’ve all known the […]

Why Programmers Need Privacy

Mark Mzyk August 4, 2008

Agile processes have become the darling of the industry, and certainly there is good reason for this.  They do tend to facilitate communication and development practices that lead to better software.  However, paralleling the transition to agile is a more insidious transition: a push towards open office spaces. The argument goes that open is good, […]

Being Agile

Mark Mzyk July 29, 2008

Being agile does not mean rigidly adhering to a system called Agile.  Being agile means adapting to the situation at hand, no matter how you choose to adapt. That’s my take from Steve McConnell’s latest post and I completely agree with him.