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Agile’s Goal In Three Words

Mark Mzyk May 27, 2008

Divide and Conquer. It was while reading the Thrift white paper, and seeing this line in the conclusion that the connection hit me: Thrift has enabled Facebook to build scalable backend services efficiently by enabling engineers to divide and conquer. That’s exactly the point of all the various agile methodologies: enable a team to divide […]

Google’s Unique Advantage

Mark Mzyk March 17, 2008

Previously I’ve written about the corporate culture at Google and how it isn’t likely to be an easy thing to emulate.  Today at work, my coworker, Jackson, showed me this post that links to a slide show that delves into Google’s internal processes.  Another post that I recently read was Steve Yegge’s post on Good […]

Can Agile Work If Only a Few Believe?

Mark Mzyk February 4, 2008

Question: Can agile software development succeed if only a few developers believe in it and try to practice it, but the rest of the company doesn’t? Answer: Unknown. At least, that’s my experience so far. I’m curious if any one has an answer of their own they would like to share. I believe that agile […]