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Career 2.0

Mark Mzyk June 7, 2009

Career 2.0 is a book that was published earlier this year by Jared Richardson with Matthew Bass.  They also have an associated blog for the book.  The reason I’m mentioning Career 2.0 is because it’s a book I believe most software developers need to read. Why?  The focus of the book is on writing and […]


Mark Mzyk December 7, 2008

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. -Sir Isaac Newton In my short computer science career, I’ve already felt the influence of others. We’re all only human, so it’s impossible for us not to be influenced by others, both good and bad. Those who fall into the category […]

Understand Business Basics

Mark Mzyk October 9, 2008

Recently I picked up Chad Fowler’s book My Job Went To India.  Lousy title, sure, but the content of the book is good.  Whereas The Pragmatic Programmer is good, general technical advice, My Job Went To India is good, general career advice.  I’m about half way through it so far and recommend it. Lesson 11 […]