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Viewing Chef Node Attributes with Knife

Mark Mzyk February 5, 2013

This is a simple post to list all the ways you can view Chef node attributes with knife, even nested attributes, which is harder than it feels like it should be. A lot of this information can be found at docs.opscode.com, but as of this writing the examples for knife node show don’t always go […]

Chef and ActiveSupport

Mark Mzyk February 18, 2012

Upfront disclaimer: While I work for Opscode, maker of Chef, this blog post reflects my personal opinion and is not company position. Chef has a major pain point in the Ruby community: ActiveSupport. ActiveSupport is a library of useful functions that was born from Rails, adding into Ruby all sorts of helper functions. It does […]

Becoming A Chef

Mark Mzyk November 7, 2011

It’s certainly true that you can’t guess the path your life will take. When I was a child I remember looking at my father, who was a career military man, and thinking that I’d go to college, graduate, find a good company to work for, and stay there the rest of my working life until […]