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Poaching Chicken and Code

Mark Mzyk April 20, 2010

I’m an avid cook. I love the opportunity to try out new recipes, especially those from another culture. Sometimes my wife is pleasantly surprised by the results, other times, she’s just surprised. For Christmas, I recieved Rick Bayless‘ cookbook Authentic Mexican. My first foray using a recipe from the book involved making chicken enchiladas. To […]

Book as Script, Code as Script

Mark Mzyk December 13, 2009

Heard any good books lately? So asks Neil Gaiman on NPR in a story on audiobooks.  It makes for riveting listening, thanks to Gaiman’s ability to make the mundane fantastic and because he has a mesmerizing British accent that holds me rapt. Gaiman makes the point that audiobooks continue on, strong as ever.  The rise […]

Performance Reviews and Code

Mark Mzyk April 7, 2008

Here’s a question to ponder: Should the amount of bugs discovered in your code be taken into consideration during your performance review? Does the answer change if the code base you work in is new?  If it’s legacy? Does the answer change if your perspective is that of the boss?  The employee? Leave a comment […]