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Mark Mzyk February 20, 2011

Helvetica Type Blocks / CC License I just watched the documentary Helvetica. It scratched an itch of mine, which is peering over the wall into the design world. The design of fonts particularly hits home, since it bridges two worlds I live in: that of computers and that of writing. The film is intriguing, as […]

Mental Notes

Mark Mzyk September 12, 2010

My sickness is that I’m fascinated by human behavior, by what’s underneath the surface, by the worlds inside people. – Johnny Depp As you open the packaging and peel back the carefully wrapped tissue paper, those are the first words that great you, written in a black bubble on a white sleeve. The sleeve slides […]

Design, Focus, and Empathy

Mark Mzyk August 18, 2010

Last month’s Refresh the Triangle featured Abe Crystal, whom I’ve worked with, who spoke on focus and empathy in design, i.e., how does a design make a user feel? This post is based on Abe’s presentation, but has been embellished. All the good points are his, all the low points and errors mine. Feelings are […]