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DevOps is an Answer to Changing Times

Mark Mzyk August 11, 2014

 You get rid of the artificial barriers, and in operations you get rid of the stove-piped fiefdoms of the storage guys and network guys and the database guys and sysadmins. So you have to kind of mash this stuff back together again to make it efficient, and that’s to make the speed of delivery efficient. They got siloed […]

Why Hiring a DevOps Engineer is Okay

Mark Mzyk July 6, 2013

DevOps engineer is shorthand. It signals that a company is looking for an engineer who understands DevOps practices, such as continuous delivery and configuration management. It says that the company is looking for someone who has knowledge about development and operations. The company is looking for someone who can bring the two sides together. It’s […]

What is a DevOp?

Mark Mzyk June 22, 2013

What is a grit, anyways? – Vinny, My Cousin Vinny More and more there are job posting that are looking for a DevOps engineer. In response to this a series of blog posts have appeared bemoaning the fact that there should be no such thing as a DevOps engineer because DevOps is a cultural movement. It’s […]