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On Google

Mark Mzyk March 23, 2010

Just like every other technology focused person on the planet, I’ve taken time to ponder Google’s immense success. I’ve predicted in the past that their rapid growth in numbers of employees would catch up with them. It’s hard to tell on the outside if Google’s size is having much effect, although they have shown some […]

A Culture of Trust

Mark Mzyk January 16, 2009

A culture of trust would be the ultimate corporate environment.  Just uttering the phrase brings to mind visions of the ideal work environment.  Fill in the blanks however you see fit, but for me it would be having a say in the projects I work on and being left to my own devices to determine […]


Mark Mzyk July 22, 2008

I’m currently using Thrift at work.  It’s a convenient way to shuttle data across different services and to invoke remote procedure calls.  I like it because of how lightweight it is, so I don’t have to wrestle with code for a kitchen when all I need is a faucet. The one downside to Thrift at […]