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PHP Insanity X

Mark Mzyk May 16, 2008

I’ll keep this insanity short and sweet. In PHP, if you have a define that you forget to actually define, it will default to true, not false. Why is this?  Because in evaluating the define, if PHP cannot find anything else to evaluate it to, it will evaluate it to a string literal, which always […]

PHP Insanity IX

Mark Mzyk May 8, 2008

Recently, on Hacker News, this question was asked: What do hackers think of PHP? If you’re thinking about PHP, I suggest you read the comments.  You’ll notice there is a constant refrain: You can use PHP, but you had better have discipline. Sure, you can use PHP or any language, but of course you need […]

PHP Insanity VIII

Mark Mzyk May 1, 2008

If you’d rather not read what I have to say about today’s PHP Insanity, you can attempt to find it for yourself on the php.net error_log man page. In my daily work, I use the error_log function often.  It was shown to me by a coworker and I’ve found it handy ever since.  However, my […]