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Mark Mzyk September 14, 2008

Today’s title is a play off of Stuart Halloway’s current series of blog posts titled Java.next.  Stuart is focusing his series on the set of languages that run on the JVM and are looking to replace (or if not replace, then gain dominance alongside) Java. In the third part of the series, Dispatch, Stuart writes […]

No Fluff Just Stuff

Mark Mzyk June 22, 2008

I just spent this past weekend at the No Fluff Just Stuff conference, the Raleigh edition.  It was a very enlightening experience.  While it is a Java focused conference, it is still a great event to learn a lot, even if you aren’t a Java heavy developer, like myself.  I think I speak for a […]

Your First Programming Language Needs A REPL

Mark Mzyk January 22, 2008

REPL: noun Read-Eval-Print-Loop: an interactive top level or shell; a simple, interactive computer programming environment. That definition was shamelessly adapted from the wikpedia article. Floating around the web lately, there has been a lot of debate about whether Java should or should not be the first programming language taught to someone. It was started by […]