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Resume Tip Roundup

Mark Mzyk January 17, 2009

It’s been almost two years since I last updated my resume.  That’s too long.  The recommendation is that one should update their resume every six months, at least.  Since I haven’t kept my resume up-to-date, and given the current economic climate, now seems like a good time to get writing. I’m going to post my […]

Character Encoding: The Lesson We All Learn The Hard Way

Mark Mzyk November 14, 2008

Character encodings are a necessary evil for programmers.  It something that I wish I could forget, but to be competent I need to know about them. I’ve read Tim Bray’s writings on the subject.  I’ve read Joel’s writings on the subject. And it still bit me in perhaps the simplest form possible, when I wasn’t […]

Why Programmers Need Privacy

Mark Mzyk August 4, 2008

Agile processes have become the darling of the industry, and certainly there is good reason for this.  They do tend to facilitate communication and development practices that lead to better software.  However, paralleling the transition to agile is a more insidious transition: a push towards open office spaces. The argument goes that open is good, […]