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Publishers Don’t Get It

Mark Mzyk June 2, 2008

Amazon sells most Kindle books for $9.99 or less. Publishers say that they generally sell electronic books to Amazon for the same price as physical books, or about 45 percent to 50 percent of the cover price. For a hardcover best seller like Scott McClellan’s “What Happened,” the former press secretary’s account of his years […]

Ebooks: Failings and Solutions

Mark Mzyk April 1, 2008

Obviously, I find the topic of ebooks and ebook readers fascinating, as I’ve talked about it twice now.  I’m now going to talk about it again. Recently this Gizmodo article brought to light some facts I didn’t know about the current crop of ebook readers (This applies to Sony and Amazon. As for others, I […]

The Absurdity of Pricing: A Response and Rebuttal

Mark Mzyk March 21, 2008

Earlier I wrote a post on what I consider to be the extreme pricing of the Kindle version of the book The Algorithm Design Manual.  Richard was kind enough to provide a comment on my views, but I’ve been lazy and slow in responding to Richard, so instead of posting a comment in response to […]