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OO Side Effect Free Programming

Mark Mzyk August 27, 2008

Last year Bob Martin gave my coworkers and me some training on how to implement Test Driven Development.  Bob advocated for very small methods – even suggesting that methods often only have one or two lines of code.  If they started approaching five to ten, they could probably be broken down into separate methods. Yesterday, […]

Foundation Definitions II

Mark Mzyk February 25, 2008

Picking right up where we left off last time, it’s time for some more definitions based on what Steve Yegge says programmers should know. 1. Static / Class Initializer A static or class initializer is the block of code called to create a static or class variable.  It must be called outside of the class […]

Foundational Definitions I

Mark Mzyk February 13, 2008

I laid out the concept for this series here. In this series I’m going to go through Steve Yegge’s interview questions and answer each one to ensure that I do, in fact, know the answers. I’m also linking to the Wikipedia articles on each topic, for any one who wants to study further. Is this […]