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Book as Script, Code as Script

Mark Mzyk December 13, 2009

Heard any good books lately? So asks Neil Gaiman on NPR in a story on audiobooks.  It makes for riveting listening, thanks to Gaiman’s ability to make the mundane fantastic and because he has a mesmerizing British accent that holds me rapt. Gaiman makes the point that audiobooks continue on, strong as ever.  The rise […]

Content, Design, and Tufte

Mark Mzyk September 9, 2009

In what now seems like an eternity ago, I saw Nathan Huening of Sprocket House give a talk at Refresh The Triangle back in July on Edward Tufte.  Nathan’s talk was his attempt to highlight Tufte’s main points about design. Looking back, I don’t remember all the points Nathan highlighted, however, at the time the […]

Needed: Apprentice Programmers

Mark Mzyk May 5, 2008

Jay Fields has an excellent article up at InfoQ talking about software development.  He compares software development to playing poker.  It’s an analogy that works incredibly well. In the article is this quote: “Many programmers sit in cubes, tackling problems all on their own.” While most of us don’t think about that statement often, if […]