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Reading Levels

Mark Mzyk December 21, 2008

In elementary school, the question asked of every child is what level are they reading at?  Is it a third grade level? Sixth? Ninth? This concept even appears in Presidential politics, as linguists analyze what level the candidates are speaking at: it is a middle school level, or a high school level? In almost every […]

Farwell to the Best

Mark Mzyk July 22, 2008

The man I consider the best technical blogger on the Internet laid down his pen today, giving up blogging.  Raganwald said goodbye. I wish him all the best.  Now comes the hard part: finding other bloggers to replace him in my RSS reader.  I glanced through my reader today and realized that Raganwald was the […]

My Own Biases

Mark Mzyk January 7, 2008

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know that I’ve developed a regular series called PHP Insanity.  Three entries so far and counting. Raganwald’s latest post made me question the validity of this series.  Was I guilty of claiming that PHP violated the principle of least surprise, simple because I am not intimately […]