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My Resume – 2009 Edition

Mark Mzyk April 19, 2009

Earlier this year I posted various thoughts on updating my resume.  While it’s been a while in coming, I’ve finished the updating process. Here is my updated resume for 2009 (as a PDF). There are large changes over my resume from 2007.  There are even changes to what I had previous said I was going […]

Objective Exploration

Mark Mzyk January 30, 2009

The first thing on a resume, after the obligatory name and contact byline, is the objective block. In college, I was required to take a communication class that focused on the basics of business communication.  I remember assignments such as giving a five minute speech, writing a memorandum, and the like.  Writing our resume was […]

My Resume from 2007

Mark Mzyk January 22, 2009

As I said in my Resume Tip Roundup, it’s been two years since I last updated my resume.  Stating that fact is an embarrassment to me.  I should be more on top of my resume than this. Here is my resume, from 2007 (as a PDF). I’ve left everything about it just as I found […]