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To Each His Own Typing

Mark Mzyk March 12, 2008

Karsten Wagner lays out some important definitions about typing that you should know, even if only so you don’t get confused while reading the dynamic vs. static typing wars. He then expounds on why he prefers static typing in a second post. Ultimately, I don’t agree with his preference for static typing, or even most […]

PHP Insanity V

Mark Mzyk February 29, 2008

Today’s insanity comes from PHP’s brain dead implementation of object orientation. PHP has the concept of static functions. This is certainly good, because it means you don’t always have to instantiate an object to get access to a function. However, there is also the bad. PHP allows you to call a function statically that isn’t […]

Static Cling

Mark Mzyk February 19, 2008

While my experience programming is by my own admission limited, I’ve somehow never questioned the use of static state. Room 101: Cutting out Static made me for the first time question the use of static state. I’d never considered the implications of having static state scattered around my programs.  Of course, I haven’t worked on […]