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TDD: It’s A People Problem

Mark Mzyk March 5, 2008

Recently I came across this eye opening post on testing.  I’d never thought about there being a fundamental difference in philosophies on testing before. To be clear, when I write about testing in this post I am thinking specifically about test driven development, which is also what I feel David Christiansen is talking about in […]

Functional Programming, Tests, and the Future

Mark Mzyk February 21, 2008

Michael Feathers has an interesting post up on the Beautiful Code blog.  In the post he notes the seeming oncoming rise of functional languages and then bemoans this because they are not object oriented and therefore cannot be easily tested. Michael feels that a strength of object oriented programming is its ability to overwrite methods […]

TDD: Why is it so hard?

Mark Mzyk January 10, 2008

In my previous post I told you I wasn’t going to write about TDD (Test Driven Development) in the near future. Well, as you can tell from the title of this post, I lied. I fully blame Chuck. If he had not blogged about it, it wouldn’t have festered in the back of my mind […]