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On Google

Mark Mzyk March 23, 2010

Just like every other technology focused person on the planet, I’ve taken time to ponder Google’s immense success. I’ve predicted in the past that their rapid growth in numbers of employees would catch up with them. It’s hard to tell on the outside if Google’s size is having much effect, although they have shown some […]

Character Encoding: The Lesson We All Learn The Hard Way

Mark Mzyk November 14, 2008

Character encodings are a necessary evil for programmers.  It something that I wish I could forget, but to be competent I need to know about them. I’ve read Tim Bray’s writings on the subject.  I’ve read Joel’s writings on the subject. And it still bit me in perhaps the simplest form possible, when I wasn’t […]

A RESTful Interface

Mark Mzyk September 28, 2008

Recently I finished reading Tim Bray’s On Search series to enhance my own personal knowledge of search, since I frequently work on search applications. I’ve also been following the various discussions and arguments on REST that seem to frequently flair up, although I’m lurking more for knowledge than contributing anything to what is being said. […]