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A Culture of Trust

Mark Mzyk January 16, 2009

A culture of trust would be the ultimate corporate environment.  Just uttering the phrase brings to mind visions of the ideal work environment.  Fill in the blanks however you see fit, but for me it would be having a say in the projects I work on and being left to my own devices to determine […]

Fail Hard and Fast

Mark Mzyk April 17, 2008

Within the code-base, as already mentioned, defensive programming can cause defects to become entrenched. Instead, we should adopt a more confident style, where code fails hard and fast. – Stop the clock, squash the bug I heartily agree with that statement.  I think it can be reworded in this way: Fail, then fix the failure, […]

The Myth That You Can Be Google

Mark Mzyk March 13, 2008

I suppose I’ve propagated that myth with certain posts of mine.  But that was a post on achieving technical success like Google, not on working like Google. Scott Berkun has a blog post about the false beliefs that surround Google’s 20% time (the policy that Google has that engineers get to spend 20% of the […]